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Our partners are individually vetted before they can leverage our payment management services. These individuals and companies are industry professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to operate their businesses in line with our values. We look to build enduring relationships with our partners so that our services can continue to improve for us, the partners and the customer. The Powers Unified payment management services were designed to assist with project closure, stifled by large unexpected bills and insurance deductibles.

Powers Unified

Business operations and payment solutions are evolving rapidly. As a provider of the only deductible payment management service we actively look to expand our partnerships with industry experts. As both laws and the needs of consumers change, we stand at the forefront of diversifying payment options. The Powers Unified group allows industry leaders and consumers to get work done by providing flexible payment management services.

Lion Bridge
Lion Bridge Partner Application

We're currently expanding our Lion Bridge service partners. Are you are an industry leader in areas such as: roofing, siding, flooring, windows, foundations, car hood repair, windshield repair and other large asset insurance repair / replacement activities? If so, we encourage you to apply to leverage our managed monthly payment option for large asset insurance deductibles. With our system, you can expand your ability to help customers that can't handle a full deductible payment at once.

Become a Lion Bridge Partner